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Eve Taylor Ultra Soothing Collection is designed for dehydrated skin.

The skin is dehydrated when water or moisture is lacking in the upper layers of the skin. Any skin type can experience dehydration and is more commonly found in dry skins as there is lack of natural oil to prevent the moisture loss. Adequate skin moisture is vital for a healthy skin.

Some typical symptoms of dehydrated skin are:

  • Tight and uncomfortable feeling
  • Surface fine lines
  • Rough feeling texture
  • May look dull

Dehydrated skin may be caused by internal or external influences such as diets high in salt content, smoking, alcohol consumption and medication all having a dehydrating effect on the body and the skin. External influences causing dehydration of the skin are warm, dry climates such as air conditioning, sunbeds, air travel, central heating or dry, arid weather climates can all suck precious moisture from the skin.

Harsh products, for example, soaps, alcohol-based toners or excessive  exfoliation can all strip moisture (and oil) from the skin leaving it feeling tight. This is a prime indication your skin is dehydrated.


This skincare kit for dehydrated skin contains:

Ultra Soothing Cleanser 50ml
Ultra Soothing Toner 50ml
Refining Eye Gel 15ml
Ultra Soothing Moisture Cream 50ml

Eve Taylor Ultra Soothing Collection

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