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Relaxat Life

Relaxed life delivered.

Highest standard Massage and Beauty treatments in your London home


Mind, Body and Soul

Anna has been performing Swedish and Deep Tissue Massages for the past 5 years.
Whether you train hard or spend the bulk of your day at the desk - I have a solution to help you release that tension and feel better.


Avoid the pre- and post stresses associated with travelling to a therapist. Have your treatment in the warmth and comfort of your own home. And be able to retire to a place of rest immediately after your massage. Beautiful.

Probably the most relaxing waxing at home service you are ever likely to try - you are going to love it!
For all our waxing we use the finest waxes available on professional market.
Enjoy smooth skin achieved easily in the discreet environment where we take the "ouch" out of your waxing.

Wax Removal
Fake Eyelashes

Your eyes are the most important part of your appearance. Make sure your eyes look their very best with of our outstanding treatments.

We pride ourselves for consistent quality of the service, which means that every client gets the same standard of service, regardless of their social status. Thus, you have a great opportunity to enjoy the same manicure as Alicia Keyes or Angelina Jolie!
When enjoying all our nail services, we will use highest quality products designed to deliver great results that last. ...and of course you can take them home prolong the results of your nails service.

nail polish color

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